There must be less to life than this

by Nobodaddy

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2007 debut album from Nobodaddy. 10 songs of love, loss and bad weather.


released January 17, 2007

All songs written and performed by Nobodaddy


all rights reserved



Nobodaddy Norfolk, UK

Nobodaddy are Adam Clark and Mike Wordingham. Friends since the age of 7, they have built their musical lives together, honing their harmonies and chasing the perfect song.

Before forming Nobodaddy they wrote and recorded with a range of artists including Mobo-nominated singer Zara McFarlane, Greek pop diva Apostolina May, and Irish chanteuse Niamh Cavlan.
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Track Name: Dark Clouds
Dark Clouds are Gathering in my blood
Everything breaks in a crimson flood

There’s no place safe
It’s all washed away
Don’t know where I should stay or be

Vultures are widening high above
Waiting for the bones of my stillborn love

There’s no place safe
It’s all washed away
Don’t know where I should stay or be

Through the mountain pass I go
Dreams of you still lie heaby in my soul

Dark clouds are gathering in my blood
Crimson subsides in the shadow’s mud
Track Name: My Confession
She’s so delicate and downbeat, wears her frown like a smile
Says she’d act pleased to see me, but it doesn’t suit her style.
So we go to the same bar we’ve been going to for years
Says she’s something to tell me, and then bursts into tears.
This is what she says through her tears...

Here’s my confession. I’ve been touched by the drink.
A few glasses of wine turn to seven, eight, nine, as I try to forget how to think.
And each mind-numbing session ends with me starting to cry
I feel so ashamed, life’s one long drinking game,
I can win if I’m happy to die. I’m happy to die.

She always hides from the sunshine, says they never were friends.
So she stays in her bedroom until each day ends.
Then she can take on her new role as the queen of the night
Steps out in the darkness, stumbles home in the creeping dawn light.
She cries in the creeping dawn light.

I’m so sorry I never called just to check you were fine
I was afraid ‘cos your drinking days came so soon after mine.
And I’ve only just made it a little further down the line
And I’m far too weak to come back and save you,
Far too scared of dying, I’m scared of dying.

We sat tearfully together raking over our common ground
Surprised and bewildered at the shared troubles we found
Then we called for another, just a few glasses more
And we clung to each other, as we staggered out the door
Like we had so many times before.
Track Name: Let's meet at the green
Let’s meet at the green, outside the station by the flower stall.
Let’s say 10 fifteen, if you’re running late then just give me a call.
We’ll go to the café by the corner, sit upstairs on the sofa
Day by day I’ll edge a little closer to you.

And I know this song of love is dangerous,
I’ve heard it echo through the ages.
The melody may change, but the song remains the same,
The song of love that dare not speak its name.

Let’s walk arm in arm, down the leafy tree-lined avenue
Lend me your guitar, song for me and I will sing for you.
We’ll go to the river every morning, down by the park fence
Sit for hours, talking utter nonsense with you.

I will never tell, clumsily break the spell
For, like a page that crumbles as it turns,
Our love’s too delicately beautiful for words.
Track Name: The Birds
In the city the sirens go by,
I find myself without a friend.
My mind turns slowly back to the land
Where I long to be again.

My friends the birds,
Bobbing up and down upon the creek
As they feed;
The gentle breeze,
The quiet way the whispering aspens speak,
Is all I need
All I need

It seems another lifetime
Since I came from there,
It was another world.
Then I was born again into this place
Where the wind bites so cold.

Exiled by love,
To be far from you.
I see the stars
You see too.

Like bluebells in a hazel wood
I long to be; growing wild and free.
But the trainline by my window
Mocks me with the sound
Of people leaving town.
Track Name: Everybody Loves Me
Everybody loves me

We’re the king and queen of the social scene
The idols of our home town.
Your model looks have got you on the books
Of every agency around.
And I’m the captain of the team,
We’re living the life, we’re living the dream
So it seems...

Everybody loves me in love with you in love with me,
Everybody loves you in love with me in love with you.

With your perfect style and your grace and style,
That scream of privilege and wealth,
It’s understood you do me good,
You save me from myself.

You tell me when to change my mind,
Direct my every move and write my every line.
Well that’s fine because...


Hear me scream that I’m not here.
Hear me scream that I’m not here.
Hear me scream that I’m not here.
That I’m not here, that I’m not here.
That I’m not.

Now I’ve got a way to get away
I know what I must do.
When the queen is dead I can clear my head,
I’ve got to see it through.

I’m still the captain of the team,
But now I’m living my life, I’m living my dream


Everybody loves me
Track Name: Green & Blue
Late Friday night, drinking on the sofa,
You close your eyes, and we both know it’s over.
Sleep well, my dear, and mind your head,
You know I never meant those stupid words I said.

You play me and I’ll be you;
We can tell the world that you were green and I was blue.

I’d give up my dreams, if I could only sleep,
But we both know that talk is cheap.
So I’ve checked the clock, it says you’ll be fine
Without me hanging round you wasting time.


We don’t need Paris to tell us we’re not lovers -
It’s written everywhere and it’s obvious to others.
We don’t have to change.
I want to stay the same.
Let’s stay the same.

Track Name: Little Girl Blue
Little Girl Blue,
You want the world to fall for you.
But you will not do
Anything to make your dream come true.
With your Mona Lisa eyes,
And your Thumbelina lies,
I know that God will look like you,
Little Girl Blue.

In the next room
I hear you making love too soon.
But all I can do
Is take the beat and overlay this tune,
For I fear that I have seen
The world that lies between
The things that we can dream and we can do,
Little Girl Blue.

Now we are through
I want to see who you will choose,
And what you will do
Without your calling card that just says ‘muse’.
But I sighed and walked away,
When all I had to say
Was ’I hate the truth that I would die for you,

Little Girl Blue
Track Name: This Ain't Love
This Ain’t Love

This ain’t love, it’s just a passing phase
It’s not love, or else I’m going crazy;
It’s an infatuation, sent to test my life’s foundation,
But one thing I know is this ain’t love.

This ain’t real, it’s only in my mind.
It can’t be real, I’m sure that I will find
That if I follow this obsession, I will just end up regretting
Risking what I’ve got for what ain’t real.

But, oh, it feels so real,
It feels like love they say's supposed to feel.
It feels like everyone, the earth and sky,
Fade to grey when you walk by,
So now I’m never quite sure what’s real.

This ain’t love, it’s just a foolish feeling
That’s not love, and, though it’s got me reeling,
I know that I will walk away once I have said what I must say,
These three little words....

This ain’t love
Track Name: Can't Cope
I didn’t wake today until the afternoon,
I just lay in bed until the day was through.
It may not sound like much but to me it really means
That I can’t cope with,
I can’t cope with
This on top of everything I feel.

Although it’s late, I’ll have one more cigarette
And smoke it to the end until it burns my flesh.
And though I don’t feel too much, I know it really means
That I can’t cope with,
I can’t cope with
This on top of everything I feel.

I feel so helpless,
My soul has lost its raging fire.
Blinded and helpless
I’m feeling oh so very tired.

I looked inside myself to see what lay inside,
And there I saw the hopes and all the fears I hide.
And though I don’t see too well, I know it’s just a lie
That I can’t cope with,
I can’t cope with
This on top of everything I feel.

I can cope with,
I can cope with
This on top of everything I feel.
Track Name: Fountain
I find you a fountain
Of everything I ever need.
Forever fulfilling
All my hopes,
And all my dreams.
The time has come for me to wash away my sins,
Born again, I’ll start anew.

Silently soothing,
A gentle, fleeting, healing touch;
A mountain unmoving,
While all around you
Turns to dust.
A fire will burn in all those who choose your warm embrace,
Love for the many, for the few.

You take all my troubles
And slowly weave a web of gold.
What would once make me stumble
Revealed as stories yet untold.
As I fill to bursting with songs that I must sing,
You are me and I am you.