She’s so delicate and downbeat, wears her frown like a smile
Says she’d act pleased to see me, but it doesn’t suit her style.
So we go to the same bar we’ve been going to for years
Says she’s something to tell me, and then bursts into tears.
This is what she says through her tears...

Here’s my confession. I’ve been touched by the drink.
A few glasses of wine turn to seven, eight, nine, as I try to forget how to think.
And each mind-numbing session ends with me starting to cry
I feel so ashamed, life’s one long drinking game,
I can win if I’m happy to die. I’m happy to die.

She always hides from the sunshine, says they never were friends.
So she stays in her bedroom until each day ends.
Then she can take on her new role as the queen of the night
Steps out in the darkness, stumbles home in the creeping dawn light.
She cries in the creeping dawn light.

I’m so sorry I never called just to check you were fine
I was afraid ‘cos your drinking days came so soon after mine.
And I’ve only just made it a little further down the line
And I’m far too weak to come back and save you,
Far too scared of dying, I’m scared of dying.

We sat tearfully together raking over our common ground
Surprised and bewildered at the shared troubles we found
Then we called for another, just a few glasses more
And we clung to each other, as we staggered out the door
Like we had so many times before.


from There must be less to life than this, released January 17, 2007
Written and recorded by Nobodaddy


all rights reserved



Nobodaddy Norfolk, UK

Nobodaddy are Adam Clark and Mike Wordingham. Friends since the age of 7, they have built their musical lives together, honing their harmonies and chasing the perfect song.

Before forming Nobodaddy they wrote and recorded with a range of artists including Mobo-nominated singer Zara McFarlane, Greek pop diva Apostolina May, and Irish chanteuse Niamh Cavlan.
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